Customized Water Softness Controlled From Anywhere

The Aquasential™ Smart High-Efficiency Twin Water Softener uses the power of dual tanks to provide a never-ending supply of water for your home or small business. Whatever your water problem, Smart HE Twin softeners ensure you get soft water when you need it.

  • Programmed to notify a Culligan Water Expert as soon as the unit needs servicing, creating the ultimate hassle-free experience
  • Adapts to water conditions so your softener only regenerates when needed – saving you money, water and salt
  • Smart features let you manage your system from anywhere through the Culligan Connect App

The Aquasential™ Smart High Efficiency Twin Water Softener is designed to ensure:

Superiority: Our high flow water softener uses motorized pistons to help it last longer with little-to-no maintenance compared to a traditional rotary valve system.

Stability: The dual Quadra-Hull tanks are built to withstand UV rays, rust and corrosion, providing you and your home with endless softer, cleaner water.

Quality: The high-grade Smart HE Twin Water Softener is backed by third-party organizations to the highest industry standards.

Benefits include:

Soft-Minder® Meter: Keep track of household water use, identify trends and cost-saving opportunities with system updates that monitor daily consumption.

Dial-A-Softness Valve: Customize your water softness to find an ideal level and enjoy the feeling of silkier hair, cleaner skin and more.

Remove Display: Monitor the water softening system from anywhere in your home to avoid frequent trips outside, to the basement, or wherever your softener is installed.

The Aquasential™ Smart HE Twin Water Softener Brings You:

Savings: An Aqua-Sensor® enables your system to automatically adjust to changes in water conditions  – which means less regeneration and more savings on energy, water and salt.

Simplicity: The easy-to-read displays detail the most important information you need to know, such as how many days of salt are remaining and when you may need to refill it.

Peace of mind: The system will automatically alert your local Culligan Water Expert when it needs servicing, so you don’t have to monitor your dual tank water softener every day.